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an evil branch of the cutco company that uses college and high school grad students as fodder to sell its products, via by first pushing the product on to their friends and family by playing the guilt card and eventually if possible friends of friends until they ran out of people. While it is possible to make money by doing this but the grand majority of us won't due to fuel cost and other factors
vector marketing's base play looks awesome but if you really take time and do the math it's not really worth it
by extreme133 June 02, 2010
possibly the best zombie apocalyse anime out there at this time, I'm not kidding. It involves 7 characters trying to survive a zombie onslaught, think of it as Left 4 Dead turned into an anime.
Highschool of the Dead is like Left 4 Dead turned into an anime series
by extreme133 April 08, 2011
a conservative wiki with articles (95+%?) that always somehow end up either blaming Liberals and non-Christians for some reason or another. It also seems to strongly imply one's religious beliefs has a connection to ones capability of doing certain things (e.g. violence).

due to the fact that it's a wiki some these examples might not be accurate anymore.

some examples of bias/lies/inaccuracies on conservapedia :

#1 socialism - we see a picture of Hitler on the top of the page

Nazism is more of an ideology of its own than anything else, it would be more accurate to place it in its own article than be under socialism. Also it also puts communism under this too, rather inaccurate.

#2 Fredrich Nietzsche - the first section is calling him crazy

WTF?! they didn't even explain what his philosophical views are and he's declared crazy right at the beginning?!

#3 Islam - "the most violent religion"

I don't care if this is true or not but this is this is bad etiquette calling it right off the bat, not to mention it also implies there's something questionable about it

#4 Bill Clinton - all the credits of economic success should belong to Republicans (implied)

really? please explain why public opinion favored him during the government shutdown and impeachment

#5 Grand Theft Auto

I don't even know where to begin on this...
some more examples of bias/lies/inaccuracies/stupidity on Conservapedia

#1 you can't edit anonymously

is this really free or is this a (right wing) dictatorship?

#2 George W. Bush

mentions nothing about him being attacked by a shoe thrower at Iraq

so much for being fair and balanced...
by extreme133 March 24, 2011
two words: resource hog
norton antivirus slows down my computer significantly more than McAfee which is bad, the parent company should be wiped off the face of the earth...
by extreme133 June 12, 2010
a German film director so bad (namely for his video game adaptions) that he makes the other bad film directors look like Oscar contenders
Uwe Boll's video game movies are so bad that they're funny
by extreme133 June 18, 2010
one of the most unique fantasy anime I've seen (another being Hetalia), it involves around the adventures of Kraft Lawrence (a traveling merchant) and Horo (a wheat deity). The stories involve trade back in the medieval/renaissance era, it explains a lot of the workings of it, along with some historical references. However if you're an action oriented anime lover you'll probably won't be watching this.
guy 1: what are you watching?
guy 2: Spice and Wolf
guy 1: you should watch BLEACH instead, it's so much better
guy 2: I've been watching that a bit too much lately and would rather take a more laid back one that has some need of thinking more than action.
guy 1: suit yourself
by extreme133 October 24, 2010
a criminal organization in the pokemon universe, the only thing that I can think of that 4kids has done right in (the famous speech spoken by jesse and james).
Jesse: To protect the world from devastation

James: To unite all people with in our nations

Jesse: To denounce the evil of truth and love

James: To extend our reach to the stars above

Jesse: Jesse

James: James

Jesse: Team Rocket blast in of at the speed of light

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight

Meowth: Meowth, that's right!
by extreme133 November 17, 2010

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