When there is a party and the cops roll up to ruin the night, the music is killed and the lights are turned off. Everybody tries to be as quiet as they can in their drunken state. It is a similar feeling to Anne Frank hiding from the Nazis, except without the genocide. Can be applied to any situation where people doing something illegal are hiding from authority.
Person 1: Hey man, was the party good last night?
Person 2: Yeah until the cops showed up. We were Anne Frank'n for like 15 minutes.
by Mikey 3 Sticks February 03, 2008
To hide in a cupboard whilst having a wank
when hearing the curious noise coming from my wardrobe i opened the doors to discover Callum having an Anne Frank
by anniefrank September 11, 2008
Whilst making sex in one's attic, make sure to be giving doggy style to one's partner. At one point during the charade, make sure to yell "Anne, the Nazies are here," and proceed to push her down and run for the attic door, leaving here behind. For added nostalgic moment, crop dust the path inwhich you are taking. ala the gas chambers. Make sure to lock the door behind you to make sure the Nazies will not discover "poor Anne Frank."
I Anne Frank'ed the shit out of Steven Spielbergs wife, and forgot to get her for eight days......whoops.
by Raydolf Turek May 25, 2009
The term originated from a gamer on Halo: Combat Evolved with the Gamertag "QuikSilv3r". Whenever somebody camped for a long time in a wide map he would refer to them as "Anne Frank".
Iced U All, fucking pussy, stop Anne Franking!
Stop hiding in that base, Anne Frank!
by QuikSilv3r October 06, 2007
The blind, deaf, and dumb girl from "The Miracle Worker" famous for her inspiring phrases of "Buh!" and "Waaa waaa waaaaa".
You: You mean Helen Keller?
Me: No dumbass, who are you, Anne Frank?
by Joker7189 February 25, 2009
Harrogate rhyming slang for a wank.
Idiot - "Shit mum, what the ruddy heck are you doing here, im trying to have an Anne Frank!"
Mum - "Sorry son! I didn't know!"
by mr xylophone September 10, 2007
When Anne Frank is giving you head in her attic and you swear you won't give her hiding place away...then when you're done, you yell, "She's up here!"
-Yo, I just Anne Franked that girl from the bar last night?


-Yeah, I didn't even KNOW the Nazis were looking for her, crazy shit, huh?
by AlejandroM February 14, 2008

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