verb: To hide in a location away from the crowd and keep something all for yourself so no one else sees you with it.
I Anne Franked that last double cheeseburger in my room because I didn't want to be caught eating it.
by amweea January 16, 2011

1. A moment of sudden panic, when, under pressure, one is required to think quick and hide all items deemed to be prohibited under the circumstances. Examples include, but are not limited to, drugs, paraphernalia, pornography, alcohol, stolen goods, etc.

2. May also refer to hiding one’s own self.
“Fuck! The cops are at the door. Time to Anne Frank this bitch.”

“Shit. This pig just pulled us over. Better Anne Frank that dimebag and make it disappear.”
by thugMC September 02, 2009
A burnt hot dog
Don't burn the hotdogs, you'll turn them into anne franks
by violetvegetable January 05, 2011
To throw one off in the wardrobe without detection
I invited an attractive couple to stay over, I hid in the wardrobe of the room they stayed in and Anne Frank'd my way through several tissues.
by Steve_N May 10, 2009
To insert ones entire body into a womans orface
Jimmy:Dude Thomas totally pulled a Anne Frank last night
Jimmy:Yea he was gone for hours
by vladdie April 12, 2008
The act of smoking a blunt or joint silently so your nazi parents don't even know you're there.
Jeff: Where do you guys wanna burn? My mom is home.

Jon: Lets go Anne Frank in the attic.

Jeff: Good Idea. Make sure not to cough.
by Sir Burnsalot February 07, 2010
Cockney rhyming slang for wank.
Having a wank -> having an Anne Frank.
Don't mind me, i'm going upstairs for a quick Anne Frank.
by Chris roflcopters October 25, 2010

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