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To elude detection from unwanted solicitors or family when they knock on your door. Pretending to not be home. It doesn't matter if they know you are home.
There was a knock at the door this morning and when I peeked through the blinds I saw that it was the Jo Ho's again so I Ann Franked them. (meanwhile they saw the blinds move)
by Erik Schrobilgen December 29, 2008
44 34
When you are farting while standing still and you and/or someone else walks through it.
"I just Ann Franked us"
by feddez October 31, 2011
4 5
when your playing call of duty 4 on the map overgrown and you hide in the attic of the building where there is a hole in the wall and a turret.
Did u see those guys. They looked like they were about to go Ann Frank, we better go kill them.
by Jerra Collins January 10, 2008
30 34
A front running Jew Bitch.
Cletus: Hey Joe are you a Yankees fan?
Joe: Of course
Cletus: Know who you remind me of?. . . Ann Frank
Joe: Why?
Cletus: Because your a front running Jew bitch.
by thatcaliCronic May 08, 2009
13 57