If the authorities show up during an outdoor party and you must move the party indoors
Oh dude tell Nick the cops are here we gotta Anne-Frank it.
by Otidi June 20, 2010
A small room or attic located in a home. Also a verb describing the act of placing things in an attic.
Joshy, can you Anne Frank these Christmas decorations until next year?
by TheeFORDO December 22, 2009
The act of silencing yourself during a bowel movement when another party enters a public restroom.
"What took so long?"

"Someone came in and I was Anne Frankin' it until he left."
by Gunnar Flannigan February 24, 2014
To hide.
Evade the law and go into hiding.
Cop:That bitch ran off and is probably Anne Franking.
by Roflcopter TCY May 24, 2009
When someone abuses the purpose of texting by writing his or her life story every time they text you and confuses texting with a dear diary entry.
"Listen Anne Frank, I just wanted to know whether or not you were coming with us to the movies. A yes or no would have worked just fine."
by REmilio February 10, 2014
The act of masterbation in which any noise louder than that of a pen scratching on paper is deemed unacceptable, in reference to Anne Franks diary. Rhyming slang for the word "wank", and the act differs only in audible subtlety.
He had a cheeky 'Anne Frank' at his grandparents house
by MyraHarold November 03, 2013
Verb: The act of residing in someone else's attic.
"Dude, didn't you get kicked out of your house?"
"Yeah, but I'm Anne Frankin' it over at Mike's".
by mr.mcdonut February 03, 2010

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