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When someone comes by your apartment and you don't want them to know your there so you stay completely still and quiet till they leave.
Dude remember that chick who was stalking me, well I had to Anne Frank it till she left.
by Holden C21164 August 28, 2008
(Verb):Is used when someone is performing badly at a shooting game bringing the team down as a whole and that's the sign to tell them to hide.
Damien: You have 2 kills and 10 deaths
Dustin:What do you want me to do I am trying my best
Damien: I want you to "Anne Frank It"
by Deangelo Wolffe April 16, 2008
The act of hiding in a closet/attic/small space so one is not discovered by a girlfriend/parent.
Shit dude, she's home, Anne Frank it in the closet till I can get you outta here.
by nggapls229 March 15, 2009
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