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When the cops come to bust a party and you or one of your buddies goes to hide in the bedroom or bathroom upon the authorities knocking.
"Dude, you totally Anne Franked at the party last week, everyone thinks you're a total bitch now."
by Guy Tornado December 07, 2009
The often nervous act of fucking someone/something in an upstairs room while trying to be quiet because you don't want anyone to hear you downstairs.
My parents were home last night and I was upstairs getting Anne-Franked.
by Stephani Scrape March 21, 2011
a sexual role playing game, in which the female wears a dress and hides in the attic, while the male plays the nazi coming to get her (can be one or more nazi's)
I anne franked her.
by HERETIC529 November 19, 2010
To be far beyond the normal levels of being stoned that it is becoming a right disaster
I am proper Anne Franked
by annefrankselfishbitch September 15, 2009
Cockney rhyming slang for 'spanked'.
I was getting Anne Franked on Call of Duty last night.

I went down the sex shop for to get a whip, so me wife can Anne Frank me junk around.
by Pseudonym. February 01, 2010
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