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The act of using amphetamines for recreational purposes.
Tia and Cassidy couldn't stand the wait for their fix, so they took some Vyvanse. They ended up amping for what seemed like hours.
by intrication March 01, 2010
Another term for ranting, starting a ruckus, and/or expressing discomfort & distress over something. Amping can also be considered venting your anger out.
Girl 1: "I can't believe she sucker-punched you in the face! I bet you were ampin the whole time after."

Girl 2: "You KNOW I'll get her back!"

Guy 1: "I can't stand her!"

Guy 2: "Dude, y u amping?"
Guy 1: "That teacher gave me a D+ on my final!"
Guy 2: "Ohh, well u def got a good reason for ampin then!"
by crazyjoe30 December 08, 2011
Tuning or modifying an electric car for additional performance or to add a bodykit or other non-performance parts (a specific variation of pimping)
He's been amping his Tesla with a tricked out bodykit, and he's slammed it on 21-inch chromies.
by motorracer November 16, 2008
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