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A term used to describe a moment where a user (or any group of people) watches nothing but Smosh™ Productions videos on youtube, or any videos associated with Smosh as well.
Girl 1: "OMG I'm gonna go throw a Smoshfest at my house! Wanna come?"

Girl 2: Sure! Ian is so cute!"

Guy 1: "Uggh, what's with girls and boys with bowl haircuts?"

Guy 2: "Dont know, but let's throw a Smoshfest at our house!"

Guy 1: "OK! Teleporting Fat Guy!"
by crazyjoe30 July 06, 2011
The feeling you get when you realize tomorrow's monday.
Person 1: "All night partying, and now it's all over."
Person 2 " I know! Man, I'm having a sunday breakdown."

Teen 1: "Great, that test tomorrow makes me wanna have a sunday breakdown."

Teen 2: "Hopefully, you won't get an F like you usually do."
by crazyjoe30 April 20, 2011
Another term for ranting, starting a ruckus, and/or expressing discomfort & distress over something. Amping can also be considered venting your anger out.
Girl 1: "I can't believe she sucker-punched you in the face! I bet you were ampin the whole time after."

Girl 2: "You KNOW I'll get her back!"

Guy 1: "I can't stand her!"

Guy 2: "Dude, y u amping?"
Guy 1: "That teacher gave me a D+ on my final!"
Guy 2: "Ohh, well u def got a good reason for ampin then!"
by crazyjoe30 December 08, 2011
The slowest thing in the history of computers & the internet.
Guy 1: "OMG, America Online is so frickin' slow today!"

Guy 2: "Hasn't it always been that slow?"

Guy 1: "Oh yea. OMG, America Online has always been this frickin' slow!"
by crazyjoe30 June 16, 2010
The act of skipping either a event, such as school, or work, in order to clear your head, and de-stress from the overwhelming reality of life.

(also known as mental day off)
Guy #1: Dude, where were you in school today?
Guy #2: Oh, I was taking a mental day off from all that Calculus work.
Guy #1: I feel you, bro, I feel you....
by crazyjoe30 November 10, 2014
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