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a mysterious beautiful girl with breathtaking eyes
wow look at that shama! i so want her
by shama December 22, 2005
1. To listen and obey in the hebrew language. Often used in ancient text such as the bible. Properly pronounced as SHUH-MY(accent on final A in spelling)

2. A rabbi of first century Jerusalem.

3. In sanskirt it means a calming of the mind.
1. In the original texts of the Hebrew scriptures t

2. No examples as of present.

3. No examples as of present.
by RIPP_n_WIPE (Shama Grier) July 28, 2005
The Chaldean (Neo-Aramaic) word for beauty mark
I have a shama on my arm.
by Chaldean101 October 05, 2015
a ruthless expression; worse than shame and weird. lol.
lizzie: omg, Mrs. Plien jus gave me a detetion the bitch.
kenzie: hahaha, shama!
by Sonalie March 14, 2005
a slut who likes big dicks!
OMG that girl is a shama when it comes to black guys!
by The big booty hoe January 07, 2016

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