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Meaning good friends, similar to bro. The origin although believed ot be from anchorman is actually from, The Jamie Foxx Show. Braxton would always call Jamie brosef.
"Yo what's happening?"
"Not much how about you brosef?"
by AJ August 20, 2006
Meaning good friends, a derivation of "bro". The date of origin unknown, but like "bro" goes back to at least the 1970's and probably earlier. Recent use in poular media has revived the word.

"Nice catch, brosef."
by milemaker December 12, 2007
A brosef is someone that speaks to you informally as a peer.
"Chill out, brosef".
by *********** May 03, 2005
Used by Jack black, combination of Brother(bro) and Joseph. Used as a reference to someone I.E. "boss" or "chief"
"Hey, that was my chopper, BROSEF"
by Frank the Poon Tank March 16, 2005
a jock with a cooridinating outfit and socks, a gold chain outside the shirt, guinea t and spiked hair that could pop a balloon..
most high school seniors and 1st and 2nd year college kids are brosefs, and don't know it.
by ti2xger July 07, 2009
Alternative for the word Bro, most commonly used by Pakistani or arabian teens in an attempt to americanize.
Abdar: 'sup brosef
John 'n crew: Brosef...?
Abdar: Bro?
by Waproast November 09, 2009
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