1. The polar opposite of sexy.
2. Something that, no matter what teachers say you don't ever have to use after you get out of school.
"i had it all, a supermodel body, sexy boyfriend and tons of money. everyone loved me. but then i did algebra."

"my teacher told me algebra was important but i haven't used it since high school"

"mr butera is a fag he creeps me out"
by the sexiest girl at loyola January 21, 2009
Bra Made of Algae, A material for support for breats of the male or female body, resembling a Manzier except made out of Algae
My Algebra ITCHES!!!!!

How many sizes does that Algebra come in?

by Brock On September 28, 2006
1. (noun) The blond blonde babe with the major league boobs who helps you with your math classes.
“Dude, I understand this algebra crap cold, but since Linda is my Alge-Bra, I play dumb. The girl’s got some fine cans."
by Lovin'-da'lumps July 19, 2011
Your phone number
Hey dude hook that shorty up with my algebra
by el oso baila July 06, 2003
Algebra: a derivative from the arabic word "Al-Jaber"
algebra is one of the main branches of pure mathematics.
When unlike other branches, it uses letters to refer to unknown numbers, and you're usually required to figure out what number does the letter refer to.
Complicaited yes, but absolutely fun.
Unlike what some idiots stated, it can be use very frequently in daily life!
Algebra can vary from Elementary algebra which is the easiest, to Algebraic combinatorics.

Algebra is the best lesson in school, it can be a bit complicated yet very logical and easy.
Algebra is my favorite subject in school.
by Smart-girl November 28, 2009
A form of greeting. Similar to "hello"
"Hey, man"
by Dan November 06, 2004
1) A class that most people in the United States can't master because they are mentally lazy and weak and incapable of concentrating on anything for more than 2 seconds unless it will result in an orgasm.

2) The class kids in India, China, and Japan master by the age of 8 thanks to parents that respect education, work with the kids (because they can), and know the material themselves (because they don't sit around all night eating processed food and watching FOX News).

3) A class that American parents continually harass teachers about so the teacher will pass their little air sucking waste of tax dollars despite them being unprepared to move forward with their mathematical lives.

4) A mathematics course people call "dumb" because they can't pass it. also see oxymoron
Moron trying to do an algebra problem: It says x + 1 =

2 but I just don't understand why x is 1! I hate algebra!

I'm going to give up, stop thinking, and go play with

myself until I forget how dumb I am.

Indian/Chinese/Japanese parent: Did you finish your

Indian/Chinese/Japanese kid: Yes and I got them all

right because I read the book and didn't stop until my

answers matched the answers in the back of the book.
Indian/Chinese/Japanese parent: Well done! But prove

the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra now since

American math is made so easy for the fucktards, then

I will feed you!

Parent: He says he's trying hard and his tutor says he's knows the material.
Algebra Teacher: Your kid doesn't study and is manipulating you. If you keep fighting all his battles for him, you will do it the rest of your life while he lives in your basement downloading porn for a living.

Algebra is dumb!
by brutechute June 17, 2010

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