Algebra is the annoy bitch and a half kinky lesbian sister of math.
this is y

Example: every time u gotta do algebra ur teachers pisses u off and fail algebra class
by Da The Kelv August 01, 2009
its one of the basic subjects for being succeeded in mathmatics. It was invented by Arabian guy. His name is Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī
Michael: Are there any ides to make me want to study Algebra in very positive ways?

Pete: If you are struggling with algebra, take some extra classes and once you start finding the right solutions, you will see that algebra is fun! If you are good at algebra and you don't like it, then it is just not for you...
by foozie4 December 28, 2010
1. A possible form of torture that works miracles on high school students// middle school students that teachers use for revenge for all thoes bad moments....

2. A great class, if you get it...

3. Two girls agree to go on a road trip together. They travel (x + 5)km on the first day. On the second day they travel 2km more than half of the distance they travelled on the first day. On the third day they drove 3 times as far as they did on the second day. If they drove 5000km total, find the value of x.
1. With a wicked grin, Mr.Swick stepped up to the board and started writing down algebra problems to work on before class started.

2. Algebra makes no sense to me, I hate it.

3. This algebra problem gives me a headache.
by Beautiful Dead Love;; February 11, 2006
some stupid class you have to take that doesn't make any sense at all
teacher: "alright class algebra time"
student "surprise mothafucka *shoots*"
by thejakester May 16, 2015
The most useless piece of shit class ever to be taught. Do not let teachers fool you, algebra will never be useful in everyday life.
Teacher: Algebra will probably be the most useful thing you learn here in the everyday world
Student: Bullshit. Utter bullshit.
by I DID A THING, BRO!! March 07, 2016
A branch of mathematics with widespread applications in physics, chemistry, etc. Even more pervasive than calculus, and that's saying something.
You can't calculate t in v=v0+at unless you can solve a linear equation
by A equals A April 11, 2005
created thousands of years ago as a mean of is pointless and endless, coming up with senerios and numbers that dont even exist or even make sence. Its orgins are unkown but some say that it originated in hell because, many are lead to beleve that algebra drives many insane or to commit suicide.

Now a days algebra is used to Ruien/destroy high school and college student's GPA's and cause many to fail and flunk and lose credits.
little Sally was a strait A student, she got A's in every subject she is the smartes most talented person in school, she was going to get many schoolerships for keeping her grades so high

Sally: yay i cant wait to go to college! i always wanted to go seek my dreams but i never had enough money, but now i can with my perfect grades and i am going to get a schoolership!"

sally after algebra "NO my GPA is ruiend! now i can never go to college!"

sally loses her schoolership because she failed algebra.

example of common algebra problems
solve X+y7*zF=22
by baka kuso yaro April 04, 2011
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