Someusless BS a MRP ( Mentaly retarded person )made back a long time ago we can asume he had no life, no freinds and was a gay SOB. Most times u try to find x and y and end up going from some thing like x=9/3*6+6^78+-6+6x^2+7y^45 and get something like 2. Obvisly this is just something teachers use if they them selfs r MR ( mentaly retarded )
But school's acct as if its importent to hide the fact that theres just a bunch of retards.
~teacher~ Ok kids today were doing algebra

~kids~ U NAZI
by billyjobob April 26, 2006
The worst and most stupid subject ever made.
My dumbass Algebra 2 teacher is assigning this brainless material.
by AdomC March 14, 2015
A relatively boring subject mostly taken in high school that has limited usefullness for students that dont plan on going into the Engineering or Scientific fields. Yet the state of Texas requires 2 credits of this to graduate. I plan on going into programming so yes its useful for me, but i know many people who are going into work fields that have little to no need for the subject.
Algebra is boring as hell
by OverNineThousandths June 26, 2011
Pointless waste of everyones time
Algebra: x=-2y+69 what the fuck? i rest my case
by Gettodachoppanyyaowwwwww October 13, 2011
Synonym of the word "pointless."
If Johnny has 5 apples, and Susie has 7 apples, why don't they just shut up and eat their goddamn apples!?
by index cards September 18, 2007
Organization dedicated to the teaching of math to students all over the world.
The man was arrested and questioned because he was a suspected member of Al-gebra.
by Rodney Basil December 14, 2003
The biggest load of bullshit ever created via a Greek nerds ass

Relates to Geometry

It's purpose is to make High school students feel like stupid and utter failures whilst ruining their GPAs
P1: Dammit I failed that Algebra test now my mom is going to Ground me

P2: Damn that sucks

P1: Why the fuck do we even need to know this shit?

P2: Idk....
by snakpak195 January 23, 2012

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