An artform relating manipulation of numbers. The most important 'tool' in the understanding of the universe, and the very foundation for the advancement of human civilization so far.
People who find a 2nd degree polynomial complex, and furthermore cannot determine 'y' despite the fact the 'y' if the subject of the equation are in no position to define algebra: see definitino by Sodak
by Parametric November 09, 2004
the "gangster" way to say phone number
"Yo girl, can I get your algebra?"
"I ain't givin you my number."
by ...<@!+Y March 26, 2007
A form of math invented by monks in the olden ye tymes to figure out what the hypotnuse of a triangle was.

Most of it is useless to you- only the easy stuff like 10x=30 is what you will actually use in life. Unless you become a computer programmer. Then you're screwed.

Relatively simple- only dumbasses say it's hard.
I took algebra in 6th grade- I got beat up alot. But that's when I realized the heavy ass book could be used to hit people on the head with. Huzzah.
by theshinykitty April 22, 2005
Contrary to most of the uneducated definitions here, algebra is one of the most important things to learn if you don't like flipping burgers.
Algebra is confusing to idiots, but makes sense to people who want a life.
by adsims August 28, 2005

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