Something you need to know to make planes that fly. If you do not know this, you cannot make planes that fly.
Shit dawg, I missed out on algebra - This plane dere, she won't fly.
by bobbt.cum March 04, 2003
Another word for torture. It’s basically a pointless class where the teacher expects you to know everything prior to taking the class and takes much pleasure in making the students miserable. You learn stupid shit like graphing an equation on a Y and X axis which does not really make too much sense. Some problems require you to find up to eight different answers and it’s one of those time consuming classes where you get homework every day. You pretty much will never need Algebra unless you just love Math and plan on becoming a Mathematician or a Math teacher.
Mr. Smith, an algebra teacher, arrived at the last stack of tests. He looks over the students’ answers and chuckles to himself and as he says “This guy is a fucking idiot. Guess who’s getting an F? You are! Haha this is so much fun. Have fun in summer school.”
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ February 09, 2010
Possibly the worst class ever created in the history of mathematics and education in general. You sit in a classroom listening to a boring teacher talking about solving for x, writing y as a function of x, and finding out what the slope is of (18, 92) and (68, 92). While in this class, half of the students understand it perfectly and end up getting A's and sometimes even 100's on the tests, while the rest of us who suck donkey balls at algebra study for five fucking hours only to receive a fucking 30 on the test.
Right now I have an F in Ms. Preston's algebra class. Yeah motherfucker, an F. Why? Because I would rather drink pinkish-red colored anal excretions than do algebra. Why, just last night I studied for about two hours for a fucking algebra test I ended getting a fucking F on. Who cares if I fail, I'm never going to need this shit in the real world.
by Grand Lizard Theodore September 18, 2006
noun. a new and clever way in torturing kids that was made 1000's of years ago on the sole purpose of understanding our universe. little did the creator know, he had truly unleashed the worlds biggest terror which has left the largest impact on our society. in comparison to the holocost, world war 1 and 2, and bush, algebra screws them all. This form of torture shall reign throught our nation for centuries until it is discoverd to be desguised as a clever learning experince but really has no shitty reason at all.
ive had bad nightmares of being chased, hunted down, wounded by arrows, then sliced to death which was pretty terrifing as I woke up in a swet, but when I dreamed about algebra and the fear of repeating it, my bed was soaked in swet. what a novel idea of torture. the inquisiton is up there but not near. chinese water torture comes close. but if you were really to compare algebra to other methods of torture, the other methods would be the tortis and the hare on race day. and algebra would be the man who shot them and had them for dinner.
by Rat Allen May 19, 2005
The people that hate it do so because most of those people won't grow up and use it in their lives anyway! The schools assume everyone is going to be a scientist or a programmer or something, and force it upon them as a required class, when it should be optional. Most people forget all the algebra they learned by the time they're in their 30s.
Most average kids fail algebra because their parents forgot it and cannot help them with it.
by Arch-E May 12, 2005
Comepletely useless class. All the smart kids take it in middle school. You either get it or you don't. If you fail it, you're screwed for the rest of your math career in high school.
I almost failed Algebra, and now I've almost failed every math class I've ever taken in high school.
by Hello_Kitty January 05, 2008
A form of mathematics that requires you to find out what 'x' is worth. All shcool pupils everywhere HATE algebra, and once you leave school there is no reason whatsoever to use it again.
I had algebra class today, God it was boring.
by Andy Williams September 20, 2003
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