A subject that mathematicians pursue when they wish they were doing English instead.
Mathematician: I'm doing algebra today.
English Student: Why didn't you do English if you want to play with letters?
Mathematician: I ask myself that question every day...
by The Great Duke May 16, 2005
Just Anther Word For Pointless
The point of wearing crotchless panties is Algebra.
by Young Warrior Girl November 17, 2007
(Noun) - One of the biggest reasons that high schoolers these days flunk out. It is the largest waste of time, and is also the reason that the United States of America has such a low average GPA, and such a high drop-out rate. It will never be applied to REAL LIFE (something strange to high school teachers) unless you plan to be a scientist, or mathematician (see crazy fuck.) According to your Algebra teacher, you will not survive in life without it. This is pure bullshit, and is only meant to scare you into passing. If you're a writer...you've got to take algebra. If you're an artist...you've got to take algebra. If you're a musician...you've still got to take algebra. If you're a mathematician...my hat off to you.
1. Dave: Hey breh! Wanna go to the movies?

Chris: No...I can't...I flunked algebra, therefore by teacher logic I'm never going to be successful in the modern world.

2. See useless.
by coffeeboy992 December 10, 2009
a way to make highschool students extremely angry.. also it makes no sence what so ever.
Algebra Question:

Suzie and sally were having a bad day. The number of suzies bad day are three times more than her boyfriend, Rick. If Suzie has a bad day on monday, when will Rick's crasy ex girlfriend, Julia, find out Suzie is PMSing?
by funnyperson April 11, 2007
Al Gebra is a terrorist movement which has reportedly infiltrated American schools. It began at the undergraduate level and has spread to secondary schools, according to US Attorney General John Ashcroft. Favored targets are said to include homomorphics and people living in polynomial relationships. Academics dismiss the Ashcroft's accusations as pandering to the lowest common denominator of anti-Arab prejudice. They are known to go by such names as "Mathematical Equations" and "Algebra".

Sources reveal that al-Gebra uses use secret code names like 'x' and 'y' and refer to themselves as 'unknowns', and the CIA has determined they belong to an axis of medieval with coordinates in every country. Field agents are evaluating rumored links with ring-leaders in the French defunctional Axiom Directe group.
Me: Algebra=Al-Gebra, a terrorist group.
by Jon C. M. September 28, 2006
a cruel pointless subject schools teach you to waste your childhood.
algebra sucks
by qwerty11122 September 29, 2009
how your past middle school teacher can get back at you in high school
Chris asks for directions(Family Guy)

Man gives directions:
"Ok now what'choo gonna do, you go down the road past the Johnson's place. There you'll find two roads. One parallel and one perpendicular. Now keep going until you find a highway that bisections at a 45 degree angle. Solve for x"

*chris thumbsucks*

...isn't algebra useless?
by The Truths March 24, 2007
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