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a way to make highschool students extremely angry.. also it makes no sence what so ever.
Algebra Question:

Suzie and sally were having a bad day. The number of suzies bad day are three times more than her boyfriend, Rick. If Suzie has a bad day on monday, when will Rick's crasy ex girlfriend, Julia, find out Suzie is PMSing?
#sence #funny #algebra #pms #boyfriend
by funnyperson April 11, 2007
A girl who is usually the last one to understand the joke in the group. She usually isn't the brightest girl you've met, but even though she doesn't have the brain thing going for her, she has a very pretty face and is always the light of the party! She is just a tad on the dumb and clumsy side.
I just had a Carly moment.
LOOK! A waterfall!
#dumb #silly #pretty #lovable #stupid
by FunnyPerson October 07, 2013

the only possible way to rig american idol... a scheme that the people from india have been planning since he started.
american idol is lame. vote for sanjaya.
#sanjaya #america #india #idol #malakar
by funnyperson April 11, 2007
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