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Something you need to know to make planes that fly. If you do not know this, you cannot make planes that fly.
Shit dawg, I missed out on algebra - This plane dere, she won't fly.
by bobbt.cum March 04, 2003
Please see recursive for a full explanation.
by bobbt.cum March 04, 2003
When your ass is so white, people call you a white ass.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
When little clumps of shit get caught in your ass hair, and they WILL NOT come out.
Goddamn Will Knots, dunno what to do about them.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
A system by which, a penis is delivered by a penis donor, to a thankful recipient. Accomplished by rapid torso movements and random acts of spearing and spooning. Finalized by a tremendous explosion of vitamin D.
The penis delivery system has been a widely accepted form of reproduction for hundreds of thousands of years.
by bobbt.cum March 13, 2003
The action of beating your wife. Commonly done by wife beaters, and beaters of wife.
I'm 'o beat my wife tonight, cuz I'm all drunk and shit.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003
Cover your fist in Tabasco Sauce(TM) and shove it up a girls ass. Similar to lighting your ass on fire.
Hey babe, lets progress this relationship. Time for a flaming fist.
by bobbt.cum February 27, 2003

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