1.Created by the Math Commitee of America to have something to teach to minors that will take 6 years to learn so that they stay in school and confuse the hell out of them.
2. Substitute tourture if waterboarding is not availiable.

3.Might have been suggested by Satan to fry the minds of tennagers and make High School math teachers feel good about themselves.
1.Teacher: Solve x +operf+4343+ ertsdf

Student: But thats impossible and unreasonable.


2.Solider: We have ways of making you talk!

Suspect: Ha, I will not succumb to water.

Solider: Alright then, bring in the Algebra textbook.

3.Commitee Leader: Alright fellow members, we need something that is completely useless and impossible to learn that will confuse people and take six years to teach.

Satan: I've got a plan.
by A$$ofPeru January 20, 2011
An evil organization whose business philosophy is the following:

To collect questions of ordinary people and distribute them to every educational institution in the world, so that students of any intellect level can try to solve them for the lazy fucks who can't solve their own fucking problems.
Algebra question: Catarina and Tom want to buy a rug for a room that is 14 by 20 feet. They want to leave an even strip of flooring uncovered around the edges of the room. How wide a strip will they have if they buy a rug with an area of 216 square feet?

Student Answer: Why the fuck should I solve a problem for Catarina and Tom!? What the fuck have they ever done for me!?! I don't give a shit about their rug dilemma!!! Lazy fuckers!
by MarbleRyeOne December 09, 2010
maths so boring that you have to mock the name uncontrollably until it's so old that you put it on Urban Dictionary!
OMFG, I hate AlgeBRA!!!
by AriaMelody January 11, 2008
also known as mindfuck
kid:mom I had algebra today
by beany16 September 04, 2011
Algebra (n.): from the Arabic Al-Gibbera meaning "the Gibberish";

the word has become corrupted to algebra and most students never know, though they may suspect, that they really are studying Gibberish.
Student A: Did you see that little sentence in our social studies book about the Middle Eastern philosopher who named algebra?

Student B: I don't take social studies....I'm trying to find X...
by blonde_geek January 06, 2010
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