An excessively awesome and majestic man who melts all the ladies with his luscious eyes and makes the men weep for what they cannot have, since he is so sexy that they all turn gay.
I saw Albas today and realized how small my penis really is.
by Guesswho? July 29, 2004
Top Definition
Scots Gaelic name for Scotland.

Can be found in Latin too, meaning "white", or "bright".
Alba, mo dhachaigh, chan urrainn dhomh dhut thighinn... guma tu bhios beò 's gu math gu bràgh.

'S cian nam cian bho dh'fhàg mi Leòdhas, An t-Eilean Sgìtheanach, na beinntean mòra, an Gàidhealtachd, h-uile rud...
by Lorelili March 26, 2005
This is a wor to explain an amazing person , someone who is extroardinary in their own way, someone that is not judgemental a beautiful and amazing friend to those she really cares for.
My BestFriendd' Alba<3
#amazin #gorgeouse #wonderful #beautiful #adore
by maayylleenneee January 02, 2009
The native Scottish name for Scotland.
Names of Scotland in Celtic languages :

Alba - Scottish
Albain - Irish
Yr Alban - Welsh
Bro Skos - Breton
#scotland #albain #schottland #ecosse #yr alban
by siarach March 21, 2006
sunrise in spanish
by Anonymous December 13, 2002
Scots Gaelic name for Scotland.
Alba du brath!
by G3K May 18, 2004
a gorgeous girl with brown hair , tan skin, and a nice body. normally athletic & sexual. the girl everyone wants to be
oh hey guess who im dating


that alba girl

oh shes hot
#alba #nice ass #hot #brunette #pretty
by fkjrmeg July 05, 2011
An extraordinary person, in more than one way. She is drop dead gorgeous (NOT in a cookie-cutter way), incredibly feminine and sensual, very funny because she is really smart and sharp, successful without making you feel bad about yourself, always a trend-setter, hard to copy, she is sweet but always dignified, and a wonderful person, overall.
Did you see her???

Oh yes, she is Alba. It is just a pleasure to be around her.
#gorgeous #feminine #sensual #funny #smart #sharp #successful #trendy #sweet #dignified #wonderful
by luckystar March 23, 2012
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