Alba is my girlfriend. She has a nice ass
1: "Are you busy tonight?"
2: "I will be kicking ass and taking names and having sex with my girlfriend Alba, really."
1: "..."
by Marcus Eugene Sykora May 13, 2007
An excessively awesome and majestic man who melts all the ladies with his luscious eyes and makes the men weep for what they cannot have, since he is so sexy that they all turn gay.
I saw Albas today and realized how small my penis really is.
by Guesswho? July 29, 2004
No booty girl with short hair who sounds like a man ,who always gets sick and wears badass tutus during football season
Alba it's been a long ass day hasn't it .
by Reallyoso May 11, 2016
1. To imagine your parterner as Jessica Alba when engaging in sexual activities

2. To put a picture of Jessica Alba on your partners face when engaging in sexual intercourse
"I Alba'd that chick last night"
by nebbyshmoe May 18, 2007
An ASIAN of any type. Also an ASIAN's name
1.I saw a lot of albas today at math team

2. Hello Alba
by disgwace February 25, 2008
Derived from Jessica Alba, one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Face, tits, ass, legs all delicious.

An "Alba" is a very cute, gorgeous young brunette with a fabulous body.
"That's a hot little Alba over there..."

"There are so many horny Alba's in College!"
by Gary W. June 02, 2004
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