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Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
A euphemism popular in the military and aerospace fields, used in the place of "blowing up," "exploding," etc.
The missile suffered a RUD shortly after liftoff. Needless to say, the engineers were pissed, but glad to be alive.
by pshhht December 19, 2011
R, U, Down? A look that you flash at a potential sexual conquest.
Roner flashed Isis his best RUD, she instantly complied.
by Lil Kris February 01, 2005
Rud is a descriptive word that can be used in any situation to describe something in either a negative OR positive way. The key to the term is in the pronunciation, which will determin the meaning. In written form rud must never contain capital letters
'finding a tenner is rud'
'losing a tenner is rud'
by Axirra June 13, 2007
(Rolled Up Dirty Socks)
Boobs, Knockers, Cans, Chesticles, of, or relating to the chest area
She has some frickin' fake Ruds.
by Jacob U December 30, 2003
means prick/dick someone who is acting annoyingly and being a twat
*georgia steals aaron's pencil case*
Aaron: Georgia give it back

Georgia: Nope
*aaron grabs pencil case off georgia and scratches hand in the mean time*
Georgia: ouch! you're such a rud
by FrostyBrrrr February 04, 2012
A rud is a penis in which the tip is larger then the rest of the penis
Niall has a rud and a chode mixed but he still manages to jerk it every night
by J Zeddy Alrice May 24, 2009
n.*see douchebag for proper definition
"As the Rud walked into the room, i couldnt help but think "what a douchebag."
by sesilly November 27, 2006
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