A disease magically discovered when teachers were forced to get more involved in the educations of their students due to the demands of parents and the government. Suddenly the educational staff discovered that some students hate school and don't want to learn and will slack off, day dream, and act out to avoid the classroom. Discipline did not work. So what did they decide?
"Oh, let's just drug them all and make them listen."
Billy acted out in class and didn't do his homework, so his teacher said he had ADHD.
His parents put him on Ritalin a few days later.
#stupid #bullshit #fake #add #hyper
by Kr1574 August 24, 2008
ADHD stand for Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD or AD/HD) Commonly found in children and some adults such as Howi Mandel and Elvis Presly. Children with AD/HD are usually vary creative and smart, but suffer in school. They can be obnoxious to an extent, and are, of cours, usually very hyper. They are usually great with sports and have great coordination.
That child is good at sports. I wonder if he has ADHD?
#ad/hd #adhd #attention-deficit #wild #active
by Conman27 May 05, 2010
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. A disorder were the affected finds concentrating difficultEasily distracted, is an overly hyper person, very impulsive, and is easily swuny into deep crevices of depression. As many as 25% of ADHD vctims also have Bipolar disorder, also most ADHD people are OCDObsessive compulsive disorder. ADHD victims are very delicate so one must be careful with them. Many people "Outgrow" ADHD when they become adults though at least half of the victims show symptoms later in life. Strangely enough a stimulant, MathylphenidateRitalin is used to treat it, it is not a cure but the stimulant calms the person down.
"Wow you are hyper, do you have ADHD?"
#hyper #crazy #inattentive #ocd #bipolar
by Herald Goldminer October 22, 2008
Being a little kid.
Parent: "Why is little Johnny running around all the time? Can't he ever just walk?"

Doctor: "He has ADHD"
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by Rasnodar March 24, 2011
Contrary to "contrary to belief", ADHD is a form of poor parenting and laziness. Symptoms of ADHD include inability to sit still or pay attention and excessive giggling and figeting. These are used to diagnose 6 year old so the result is huge amounts of ritilan, concerta etc. , a form methamphetamines,are prescribed to children
Me: why did you give me concerta for ADHD when I was 6?
Mom: you missbehaved to much and I'm a nurse so I know
Me: you mean you gave it to me because I was your first child and you had no idea how to deal with a noisy kid? I wish you just hit me because now I'm in college and literally addicted to a form of meth. Thanks mom
#add #concerta #ritalin #poor parenting #bad parents
by mfurgison September 15, 2011
Bull s***.
Timmi: I have A.D.H.D.
TOM: No you don't.
Timmi: Yes I... Ooo Shiney.
#a.d.d. #bull #adhd #retarded #hyper
by Raffaello Beni December 09, 2009
(addicts don't have dope)
this is the a ADHD area
#adhd #dope #don't #own #have #addict
by RAVVVEN November 08, 2009
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