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the ability to think of a bazillion things at once but never able to consentrate on just one leaving the person in a constant state of bliss so that you are never doing the right thing at the right time.
this is a fun learning game i have a fun vidio game hey one time i had a vido game named crash bandacoot wait the main charicter was an animal and i saw a bear at the zoo once the zoo has good food and one time at thanksgiving my grandma was there old pople are nice, o im sorry teacher i dident hear the question i had an adhd moment
by michael chastain November 30, 2005
55 38
ADHD is an impulse control disorder typcially aggravated by inconsistent parenting. Most children with severe cases of ADHD come from households where parents set little if any limits especially in regard to technology such as the Internet and video games.
Parents of children with ADHD always count to three before they unplug the computer.
by Gary Vitalis February 23, 2007
151 138
1. the disease voted, "most fun to have and operate on a daily basis"

2. a disease known to cause extreme yet undeniably loveable randomness

see also:luke, afflicted ver. 1.2
luke: bet you cant blow up a mailbox using a gallon of water and car traveling at 50mph....
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People with ADHD:

Misplace their wallet while looking for their keys then misplace their cellphone while looking for their wallet.

Are employed part time looking for where they parked.

Don't require closet space because they use their bed during the day and the floor at night.

Write their name on the wrong line of a form and cross it out then write it again on that same line.

Say goodbye and shake hands with the person that is supposed to give them a ride home.

Need to finish their assignment that was due 2 weeks ago so they can work on the one due last week so they can study for todays exam before they find out it was yesterday.

Try to open their apartment door with their car key.
In recent study it was found that Adderall improved ADHD symptoms in 70% of the subjects. The other 30% are still hoping the bottle with all the pills in it will turn up.
by real-adhd-guy October 11, 2008
43 32
Be proud you have it. it comes in handy. it stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive disor
by egegegegegrw June 09, 2010
16 8
A illness called Attention Deficeit (Hyperactivity) Dsorder.I was diognoised at the age of 9.I had the normal symptons..
Me with ADHD: Ooh, a butterfly! It’s so pretty, with glittery yellow wings flapping in the wind. I love wind. It’s so…windy. Ooh, I love that movie, you know, with that girl Wendy in it? I think it’s called…Peter Pan, that’s it. It has a pirate in it. I saw a movie about pirates once, Johnny Depp starred in it; he was the guy who played Willie Wonka on the Chocolate movie. Mm, I wish I had some chocolate…
by ADDSurvivor July 17, 2009
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A disease magically discovered when teachers were forced to get more involved in the educations of their students due to the demands of parents and the government. Suddenly the educational staff discovered that some students hate school and don't want to learn and will slack off, day dream, and act out to avoid the classroom. Discipline did not work. So what did they decide?
"Oh, let's just drug them all and make them listen."
Billy acted out in class and didn't do his homework, so his teacher said he had ADHD.
His parents put him on Ritalin a few days later.
by Kr1574 August 24, 2008
75 69