Yet another excuse for fucked up parenting that came from the 1990s, that means Attendtion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Any child that does poor in school is considered ADHD, not because there is no interaction from their parents but because they have this disorder. Ritalin is prescriped to dope the children out to make them pay attention.
Oh... Little Billy has ADHD because he gets bad Grades, god forbid I help him with his homework.
by Willow November 30, 2005
An excuse to be extremely hyper and annoy all your teachers.
Never ending laughter.
Moving non stop.
by maurin August 21, 2005
some fukin kid with problems.
a hyper retard.
Teacher: How do you spell cat.
Student: C-A ... EUAUEUAEUEUEUAAUEUAEUEUEUUE... oh look its a bird.
Teacher: You have ADHD!
by Bubba_The_Retard June 22, 2006
where u can't pay attention to anything!!!
Dane has a huge case of ADHD and it is really bad!!!!
by Daneisaniggerjew November 05, 2005
An excuse used by lazy brats, bams, those on the dole, etc to get out of admitting that they do, in fact, suck at life.
"It's not my fault I missed that very important deadline, I've got ADHD."
"Eh, ithinknot. Go clear out your desk."
by Irrelevant March 09, 2005
An excuse for being an idiot.
Oh, I'm not stupid, I just have ADHD.
by fewgreht February 12, 2005

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