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where u can't pay attention to anything!!!
Dane has a huge case of ADHD and it is really bad!!!!
by Daneisaniggerjew November 05, 2005
An excuse used by lazy brats, bams, those on the dole, etc to get out of admitting that they do, in fact, suck at life.
"It's not my fault I missed that very important deadline, I've got ADHD."
"Eh, ithinknot. Go clear out your desk."
by Irrelevant March 09, 2005
An excuse for being an idiot.
Oh, I'm not stupid, I just have ADHD.
by fewgreht February 12, 2005
A mental disorder that is poorly understood by many. Contrary to popular belief, people with adhd aren't retarded. They just don't learn like most other people do. This, in turn, pisses off the faculty at school, and they make everyone around you aware of of your disorder, and since your non adhd classmates don't understand your disorder either, you'll be labeled as different, guaranteeing that you'll be made fun of multiple times. Despite this, adhd people tend to be more intelligent than those who do well in public schools. They don't pay attention in class because guess what stupid teachers? Your class is useless to them and boring as shit, not because they suck at learning. Most kids with adhd are highly creative. After the hell they endure at school, they usually go on to be successful at life and never look back. Famous examples of these people: Albert Einstein, Jim carrey, Pete rose (baseball legend), will smith, Michael phelps (Olympic gold medalist swimmer), robin Williams (RIP), Walt Disney, and way too many people to list have adhd and go on to do incredible things.
Teacher at school: WHAT?!?! Your son has ADHD?!?! Oh, we can help him.

Teacher in class: ...and that's why 5,552X is parallel with 9,467Y. (Half the class is asleep) hey...uh... Kid with adhd! Solve the next problem! What is 3,758Y equivalent to?

Student with adhd: uh...I... I honestly don't know, mrs. Richards.

Teacher: are you that stupid?! We went over this yesterday! Twice! You should be paying attention like everyone else is! (Even though no one actually is) do this 10 page packet so I don't have to fail you! *whole class laughs at him*

Kid with adhd in 20 years: I love living in Hawaii! I'm so glad that people outside of school appreciated my creativity! Now I can rest easy knowing I found the cure for cancer!
by AnArChY231 August 18, 2014