A cool,funny,sweet person...given the nickname"foofer" ;D
I dont have an example for the definition of adam...sorryD:
by ILikeDeadBabies;D November 25, 2011
a seems to be ladies man who is at timers immature, has a good heart but thinks more with whats between his legs then the brain he has in his skull. an attractive guy who spends time doing what he wants! he enjoys being around girls even if hes in a relationship!...the type of guy that will take a friends girl, or fall in love with his best friends interest!
doesnt much care for family, or respect but trys hard to get what he wants, an over all nice guy who wants to be in a good relationship, but can never find the time!
josie: adam is so cute

emily: he has the best hair
casey: yeah but i hear he"s a major player
by whomever you want it to be April 23, 2011
(verb)--to advise your friend into breaking up with his girlfriend, then start dating her yourself.
"I'd adam that guy."
"You got adamed."
by Rex Griswolde March 24, 2008
A totally awesome, amazing guy.
He is truly fantastic and manages to radiate his awesomeness, even when he is thousands of miles away.
He also makes one kick ass husband and is often referred to as Moore the manwhore ;)
Girl : "Woah, he is totally hot."
Other Girl : "Yeah a total Adam. I would."
by The Guitar ;) July 01, 2010
Usually dark haired and hot, sexy and seductive, and sometimes emo-ish and/or bi, they have a voice that could melt stone. Truly romantics at heart, they hide it from most everyone. They have gorgeous eyes that probably have superman's lazer-vision because they're so awesome. They have mouths that should be illegal, and kissing skills that shouldn't be real. They usually play an instrument of some sort, mostly guitar. They say that they suck at it but in reality play very well. They value intelligence highly and think stupid girls shouldn't be allowed to live. They're also good at video games.

They're girl-magnets, but extremely sensitive, so handle with care.
Usually ends up with an Aoife, Charlotte, Aoibheann or Jade.
Adam is awesome :3
by GeorgioHeatcliff July 05, 2013
The most handsome man in the entire world. He is the perfect height. His eyes are dark brown and have a story behind them. He loves women with blue eyes. His heart is on his sleeve he will do anything for his friends. He enjoys sharing his drink of Moscow Mules. He can talk for hours and is a wonderful conversationalist. He is a romantic when he puts his feelings out there. Adam enjoys art and music and he is an awesome dancer. He takes the ladies breath away at how gorgeous he is. He is muscular and build tough. He has strong hands and is very intellectual. He is the perfect man for me.
Damn that Adam, he is perfection!
by I have a secret March 29, 2013
A guy who is misunderstood to be dumb. But his friends are the main cause, he is a computer person. But before he can express the area he is smart in he is interrupted by his friends telling him that "They Don't Care. Shut up". Tries to be fun and acts like he is having a good time with his friends but is dying inside because of the jokes about his shortness and how he is nerdy. The only fun time he has is playing games and day dreaming about that girl he likes but is too shy to talk to. Funny and tries to be cute. His friends take his belongings a lot and tosses them around the bus. Cries silently sometimes. The only reason he still hangs out with his friends is that they can make him laugh sometimes. Adams are usually shy.
Guy : Adam, sit by us!
Adam : *silently tries to walk pass*
Guy : *sits Adam down*
Adam : *silently laughs*
by imlookingatyou January 18, 2015

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