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A pure dick head.
Person1 - wow, you're such an Adam!
by definingwords June 22, 2014
Usually dark haired and hot, sexy and seductive, and sometimes emo-ish and/or bi, they have a voice that could melt stone. Truly romantics at heart, they hide it from most everyone. They have gorgeous eyes that probably have superman's lazer-vision because they're so awesome. They have mouths that should be illegal, and kissing skills that shouldn't be real. They usually play an instrument of some sort, mostly guitar. They say that they suck at it but in reality play very well. They value intelligence highly and think stupid girls shouldn't be allowed to live. They're also good at video games.

They're girl-magnets, but extremely sensitive, so handle with care.
Usually ends up with an Aoife, Charlotte, Aoibheann or Jade.
Adam is awesome :3
by GeorgioHeatcliff July 05, 2013
a person who knows everything to do with military operations because he served a tour at Fort Bragg in the military.
When attempting to be awarded the Distinguished Honor Grad at WLC, pulling an "Adams" will allow you to exceed the standards in such a way that everyone in the class realizes that you're not only better than them, but that you were "tactically-birthed" at Bragg and therefore will destroy the competition for said award at all costs.
by Mr. Money Bags May 29, 2013
A cool,funny,sweet person...given the nickname"foofer" ;D
I dont have an example for the definition of adam...sorryD:
by ILikeDeadBabies;D November 25, 2011
makes you fall in love with him and makes you think that you will be together forever. then, you discover that all he wants is your ass. a real player.
that adam will always be alone.
by shutheefrontdoor November 17, 2011
A totally awesome, amazing guy.
He is truly fantastic and manages to radiate his awesomeness, even when he is thousands of miles away.
He also makes one kick ass husband and is often referred to as Moore the manwhore ;)
Girl : "Woah, he is totally hot."
Other Girl : "Yeah a total Adam. I would."
by The Guitar ;) July 01, 2010
Usually with dark hair, Adam is a very great friend who is always there for you. He can make you laugh at anytime and is a happy person to be around. He is weird and that's what's great about him. Perfect guyy.
Adam is perffecttt
by Ilovethisguyily November 14, 2013