He is the most gorgeous boy on earth he has deep blue green eyes and a kind adorable smile that gives you butterflies in your stomach. You'd be lucky to have this boy because he treats you like no other girl on the planet. You will be his number one and he will make sure you know he's not sharing. He's very out going and loves his friends but when you're around he won't worry about them he'll kiss you to make them drool. Even if you aren't the prettiest girl ever he sure will make you feel like it. He'll do his best to make you feel special and do a damn good job of it. He's very athletic and loves to have a good time. If you find an Adam. Hang on to him. He's a keeper you'll want forever.
"I love Adam I'm glad he's mine"
"You better keep him he's the best you can get"
by Lyfe is good my friend January 04, 2014
Adam is the most amazing man on the planet. As the first Adam was to Eve, he takes care of his partner and is a modest fellow. Very focused and intellectual, Adam can sometimes be too set on something and loses sight of what's most important. Quite easily influenced by friends, Adam is a bit gullible yet ignorant of this fact.

Needless to say, Adam was the first man to get laid. This is often true for his friendship groups. He may speak his mind and be very hurtful sometimes, but as a deep and dark fellow he doesn't always mean it. A realist, you must be careful what you say to him. He's not afraid to speak his mind. The most amazing partner, you couldn't find anyone more hot and handsome than Adam, nor anyone better in bed. If you have an Adam in your life, as a friend or significant other, you are VERY lucky indeed.
Girl 1: "That man in perfect. I bet his name is Adam!"
Beth: "That's right, and he's MINE! Back off! (:"


Guy 1: "Trust Adam to be the first to get laid!"
Guy 2: "Well, it's a historical tradition!"
by Greenwood101 May 31, 2013
Adams are the perfect guys. Blondish brown hair, green eyes, tall and a little scrawny. They like making videos and will probably be in filmography when they're older. They're sweet and sensitive, but can be rude and opinionated. Adams are usually born in late May. Adams make the perfect boyfriend, as long as they have the perfect girlfriend to go along with them.
Lola: I miss Adam.
Allie: He's not good for you.
Lola: That's what everyone says, but I miss him.... I want him back.
by lolaaaaaaaa May 01, 2012
A cool,funny,sweet person...given the nickname"foofer" ;D
I dont have an example for the definition of adam...sorryD:
by ILikeDeadBabies;D November 25, 2011
an all-round cool guy, gets along with people.

1)He is "one with the ocean" and catches the most perfect waves. People say that when an "adam" is down at the beach, NO ONE cuts them off.

2)almost as good as blake at quickscoping.
1) Tom Moray: Holy shit its Adam, i wish he would let me make him a custom board...

All the surfers: NO ONE CUT HIM OFF..."They all bow down at the sight of Adam and his Custom X"

Randy Ruby: I would kill to get a picture of Adam.

2) Adam: HOLY SHIT, i just quickscoped that guy while jumping off a buliding doing a 360!!!!

Blake: I could have done it while being flashbanged
by Bottomley Boarder November 14, 2011
(verb)--to advise your friend into breaking up with his girlfriend, then start dating her yourself.
"I'd adam that guy."
"You got adamed."
by Rex Griswolde March 24, 2008
A sexy and smart guy who makes girls go crazy.
Ex. Oh, you're such an Adam.
(Calling someone an Adam L means they are even sexier and smarter.
by Twinrocket13 April 05, 2014
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