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The greatest guy alive, He cares and can make you laugh at any second. He is loving and will make you feel like royalty. He will convince you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world and that you are perfect. He is perfect

Love you babe!
- I went to dinner with Adam last night!
-How was it?
- It was great! He made me feel fantastic, he is the best!
by Awsomenessification September 28, 2011
Adam is an amazing guy he is tall, handsome, sweet, and funny. Even though he can be silly he can be very serious and loving when u need him to be. He has eyes that u find yourself getting lost in and hair u always want to touch. He might even be giggles.
That guy is perfect he is such an Adam.
by Gorgeous Andy November 18, 2012
The most amazing person you will ever ever meet! He is cute,smart,funny,caring and loving. He has two sides to him. A hard defencive side which will protect you no matter what and a kind, caring and emotional side which loves you forever!
Overall he is EPIC and will always be there for you even if he's on the other side of the universe. He will love you until the day you die and you would been a fool too ever let him go.
Rachel; hey, you got a boyfriend?

Victoria; yeah,his names Adam

Rachel; oh my god your soo lucky

Vicky; i know, he's amazin!
by vaaf2704 July 08, 2012
Most amazing guy I've ever met. The sweetest, cutest, funniest, and the sexiest too. I dont think I could ever want more from him. Hes the best boyfriend ever, there is absolutely no guy that can possibly be any better than him. Hes my world, I'll admit it. He is sooooo good at everything he does, no joke. I dont know what I'd do without this guy. I love him with every fiber of my body. Hes the best guy in the world, what else can I say.♥
Girl 1: "hey, is that Adam?"
Girl 2: "yea.♥ And thats his girlfriend too."
Girl 1: "man, she sure is lucky."
Girl 2: "luckiest girl ever, I'd kill to be with him. I mean look at him!! Hes so freakin amazing!!!!♥"
by SillyMuffin♥ January 08, 2012
Adam is amazing! He is one of the best friends a girl could ever have! Adam is not one of the most normal people ever, but he can make a girl smile. He makes you laugh too. Life without an Adam, wouldn't be exciting. He is just amazing in plenty of ways.
He is such an Adam!
by Awkwardllama1018 December 19, 2011
that guy who's cool, and he knows his stuff, but on the outside he appears to be strange and odd. if people bothered to get to know him they'd know how awesome he really is. if only people would give him the time. hes good with computers, and actually cares about people's feelings. its a shame that people dont actually see in those guys that they do care, and they just reject him instantly. He is meant to be with Katie.
Adam is alway there, but always ignored, always the one whos right, but never seen. If only people payed him attention, nderstood him.
by thatangelguy April 08, 2012
The most wonderful boyfriend anyone could have, he says the most amazing things and is just amazing, i love you <3
I wish i had an adam <33
by XxLovexX<3 July 20, 2011