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Adam is a chick magnet, but he will breaks hearts at the drop of a hat. Everyone loves him and he can be very fake. He has numerous girlfriends and if he breaks up with one, will get another instantly. He is great in bed and will sleep with anyone. Adam is nice and kind and will gain anyones heart and trust, but he can be a complete asshole and insensitive at times. He will be your bestfriend one minute then kick you out of his life the next, but you'll still want him no matter what he does.
Adam broke her heart.

Adam's has another girlfriend.
by Haha_lolzer June 12, 2011
11 13
a pretty hipster individual, who usually denies the fact that he is in fact, hipster.
"there goes adam, wearing clothes his grandfather wore, while denying it"
by choochoooo December 11, 2013
0 3
A boy who thinks he is a man and is in love with some one who does not approve of his skin-color.
very nice man,just a tad hard headed if you ask me .
well good day mate !

tip top cheerio!
FRIEND OF HIS: Breh she dont like you ThoE

ADAM: would ya look at that
by Maggy Wessinger November 24, 2011
2 8
The anti-christ (Anti-Ochus), someone who is bad at everything.

He should be punched in the shoulder once a day, and whenever he does something stupid.
Although every first and last wednesday of the month you should be nothing but nice to him, since he goes through so much s*** for every other day of the month.
He has ten toes and horns on his ten fingers that are not visible.
Scenario 1:
Hugh G. Dick: Hey look it's Adam!

S1L3Nt Str1K3r: No don't look into its eyes!

Scenario 2:
Adam: Hey guys!!!

Hugh G. Dick: Get away from me!

Scenario 3:
(It is the first wednesday of the month.)
Hugh G. Dick: Hey wassup Adam? You are such a pal!!
by salsaman45 November 14, 2011
5 11
known by many names except for his own. sasquatch, tree, Nyan cat, troll, awesomesauce, vasto, bfg, lanky, alco, giggty, boss, fancypants, fairyboy, beanie boy, jewman, jewman jim and voldemort are just some of the various names this tall creature is known by.
Random 1: Hey Tree!

Random 2: Who is Tree?
Random 1: You know, Adam!
Random 2: Who the F**K is Adam?
Random 1: That guy next to the fridge.
Random 2: The F**k? That is Sasquatch!
by Trollman787878 August 29, 2011
2 8
One might find that the nature of a man holding the name "Adam", may have extreme Ginger Tendencies (if not full Ginger). He may or may not lack a soul, he also may or may not have a "black heart" or there lack of. Being ginger, he also may or may not have an extreme tolerance to Novocaine and other numbing agents, due to his numb and cold heart. He may also be vampiristic due to his inability to absorb the suns radiation. Finally he will most likely be SURLY in nature, BY nature.
Friend: "yo bro what did you do today?"

Adam: "I installed a virus onto your computer and had sex with your girlfriend. What about you mang?"
by BigFrizzL July 02, 2011
10 16
A man who cannot ejaculate.
Adam couldn't come when Sarah ravaged him last night.
by Brylars May 13, 2011
12 18