A sexy and smart guy who makes girls go crazy.
Ex. Oh, you're such an Adam.
(Calling someone an Adam L means they are even sexier and smarter.
by Twinrocket13 April 05, 2014
a person who knows everything to do with military operations because he served a tour at Fort Bragg in the military.
When attempting to be awarded the Distinguished Honor Grad at WLC, pulling an "Adams" will allow you to exceed the standards in such a way that everyone in the class realizes that you're not only better than them, but that you were "tactically-birthed" at Bragg and therefore will destroy the competition for said award at all costs.
by Mr. Money Bags May 29, 2013
The most handsome man in the entire world. He is the perfect height. His eyes are dark brown and have a story behind them. He loves women with blue eyes. His heart is on his sleeve he will do anything for his friends. He enjoys sharing his drink of Moscow Mules. He can talk for hours and is a wonderful conversationalist. He is a romantic when he puts his feelings out there. Adam enjoys art and music and he is an awesome dancer. He takes the ladies breath away at how gorgeous he is. He is muscular and build tough. He has strong hands and is very intellectual. He is the perfect man for me.
Damn that Adam, he is perfection!
by I have a secret March 29, 2013
(verb)--to advise your friend into breaking up with his girlfriend, then start dating her yourself.
"I'd adam that guy."
"You got adamed."
by Rex Griswolde March 24, 2008
A guy that's usually really insecure. He'll do anything to be accepted by the cool kids and isn't loyal at all. He never seemed to like girls, but actually gets in all the time.
I can't believe he just left... What an Adam!
by TreyLA March 20, 2015
Adam while being hot as hell he's a huge ASSHOLE. He is completely self absorbed, obsessed with his own hot self. Don't get on his bad side because he remembers anything and everything so he'll go for blood.

Adam is incapable of loving anyone but himself.
"Why are you crying on your birthday?"
"Adam didn't get me a present then yelled at me calling me a baby when I mentioned I was still waiting for my Christmas present"
by BurlesqueNurse January 28, 2015
adam is the most funniest caring kid you will ever meet he will never break anyone heart unless your annoying or mean also adam is really athletic if u date a adam never let him go he is top 3 of the most sexiest man alive
Adam is so hawt and sexy
by Jillian January 28, 2015

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