One of the many stereotypical names for a white guy. Just like other names like Jeff, Bob, Mat, and Mike.
Bob: so what did Mike name his kid?
Jeff: well he;s white so they had to name him Adam.
by nuj dog June 09, 2010
Noun n.

1. A stupid troll with no life and nothing better to spend money on than useless accounts and pokemon games that he plays in his mother's basement.

2. The process by which a heterosexual boy goes gay during puberty.

3. The act of sucking a penis while playing pokemon with your own mother.

4. A zit/pimple/acne.

5. A nasty little pimple that you might find on your ass on a hot summer day.

Verb v.

1. To spend $750.00 on a single account on a chatting website.

2. To troll or insult people using the words "faggot nigger" or other similar childish language because you have nothing intelligently cruel or remotely true to say about that person.

3. To act like something you're not to hide your insecurities; particularly acting like a "gangsta" to seem "cool" when you're only more annoying and pathetic that way.

4. Sucking a dick and denying it.
1. Oh god it's Adam ~_~

Hide your men.

2. He used to like girls when he was a kid then something happened in that locker room and he adamed.

3. OMG! You've got a huge adam on your face D:

Pop that nasty sucker!

4. Ah, man. I've got an adam on my butt. It hurts like hell.


Normal person 1: DUDE! He bought an account on a website for over 700 dollars!!!

Normal person 2: WTF?!???!!!?!

Normal person 1: Yeah man, he totally adamed that shit.


Person 1: Did you hear about Jeremy?
Person 2: What? What happened?
Person 3: Brad totally adamed him man. He denied he gave him a blowjob and told him to shut up.
Person 4: LOL
by LloydTotallyDidn'tMakeThisUp October 07, 2010
To kill yourself. The origin comes from Adams Song by blink182 which suggests suicide in the song
John: Did you hear that alex adamed?
Anothny: No way, i saw that coming
by Whaddupblink182 February 07, 2010
Normally,This boy is TOTALLY hot. You see him, and already want to do him right where he stands. Most likely, look's like a 'bad-ass', peircings,tattoos, hot topic stuff, Converse, drives a truck; kind of stuff.

You pretty much stalk the kid, find out about him.
Don't talk to him in person, get his number from a Note, or maybe Myspace.

For awhile, you text. Later into talking to him for about 2 months, He say's THE MOST amazing things, and you want him so bad, he supossidly, wants you too.

(Don't be tricked, this is a non-intentional plot.)

4 months into it, You guy's both know you like each other, but he's not the type of guy to ask a girl out, And It, of course, Bugs you that you've been waiting for so long just for this kid.

Then, a girl, who is also your friend.. But is alittle slutty (probally had sex with 50 guys.) come's along and pretty much takes him. It hurts you, very much so that he likes her within a 2 week period, hang out everyday, and talk like 24/7 when it took you a long time, and you've never even hung out with him.

Everything he says, is sweet nothings.

Truth is: Adam's are into drugs, and sex. that's just about it. He will jump from girl to girl, useing their friends.

Best advice: Stay away from any Kid's named Adam no matter how 'sweet' they seem. :
Emily "Dude, should I go out with that boy??"
by PerfectLetDown September 14, 2009
an asshole who will try to get any girl he can but cant caus he has nasty teeth, a pimpley face, short stubby appendages. he is fat and short and thinks hes amazing at wrestling but hes not caus its gay and so is he with his stupid rainbow tye dye sweat shirt. he smells bad and will act nice to you at first but then will ruin your life. stay away from these "adams". if you date one then break up, he wont stop annoying you.. but if hes not short and ugly then dont worry about it (:
oh gross its adam!
by greenhilighter December 12, 2010
likes butt rape with his pp get's it passed from Dino and Sean.
Adam will step in all the spot where the light is shown and butt rape you.
by slaverapeforherpleasureforhim March 03, 2010
A boy who likes to lie.
Usually six foot or taller.
Turned down this cute little girl, for an ugly fucking slut.
lies about having sex.
makes potatoes with hot sauce.
blonde,short,curly hair.
large penis.

FUCKING ASSHOLE.. that a girl usually can't stop loving. </3
girl:I had sex with Adam.
friend:No you didn't?Adam said he wouldn't fucking touch you.
girl:Oh:'( I'm not lying.
by the heartbroken one=/ March 19, 2009
a boy that will tell you anything you want to hear, has very bad anger issues, lies about almost everything he tells you, is wayyyy bipolar, and the biggest jerk you will every meet. also he will chase you around a room until you fall and hurt yourself.
"he is being such an Adam"
by bangbangchoochootrain2 July 23, 2008

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