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wow he's a ginger he must be an adam
by ayyrayray July 26, 2008
34 85
a boy who I like very much but is after someone not even that cool.

let's not talk anymore, adam.
by surfergrl11 March 26, 2007
23 74
Grade A douche bag with a little dick who loves to take it in the ass all night long.
Hi, my name is Adam Killian and I'm a flaming homosexual!
by sssamnaylor November 24, 2008
37 89
A boy who has a lisp and loves Rise Against. Sometimes is called a weenie because of his tall and slender body. Plays violin, and always wears stupid scarves.
That kid looks like a total weenie!
Yeah, he's an Adam.
by 12-1-21-18-5-14 April 26, 2009
19 73
he thinks hes awesome but the word awesome means Scared, Skinny, and Lonely
jared: "why does he hate you?"
Adam: "cause im awersome"
jared: "by awesome you mean scared, skinny, and lonely"
by Dijonator schifty-five July 28, 2008
33 87
One of the most amazing peope you will ever meet.
An actor and friend.
Very sexual, mainly because of his slight, recurring case of homosexuality. (What am I saying?! He is ALWAYS gay!!!)
Adam Carter. <3
by EmPlusAB June 06, 2009
12 67
likes anal sex with apes.
adam pierce
by rachellovesadamNOT December 08, 2008
63 124