the that owns my pants.
girl says: oh, OWNED
Adam says: own your face, your mom and your PANTS!
girl says: um, i would kinda like to have those back. thanks.
by pink :) April 19, 2009
the biggest mooch ever. Can smell weed from a mile away
"Dont be such an adam, I dont have any weed."

"Watch out,that kid is an adam."
by womper777 November 06, 2008
An idiot who goes out with you for three years and you think you're in love with him. He is the worst boyfriend ever and totally ignores you and stands you up. When you finally realize what a dick he is and break up with him, he gets sad and begs for you back. Also, fat and ugly with dumb-ass friends who will try to get with you once you dump him.

Friend- How's your boyfriend, Adam?

You- A dick, as usual. I think I'm gonna dump him.

Friend- OMG! Finally!
by bellalennon October 25, 2010
Someone who wastes food on a daily basis! Major contributer to global warming.
Hey man, dont throw away that whole sandwich! Your being a total Adam!
by BecahGrape! February 11, 2009
gay first man to get layed by both a man and a woman
It wasn't Adam and Eve it was Adam and Steve
by thebaddoctor September 15, 2010
A male who takes on a promiscuous lifestyle to cover up the fact that he might be a homosexual. He also tends to get into the pants of young females attending sporting events.
"Wow look at that jackass over there, I bet his name is Adam"
"Adam is such a manwhore, i hate him"
by Ya motha69(: February 27, 2010
someone who enjoys a hardy gooch butter sandwich then eats a massive gooch burger

a man who dangles balls into another mans mouth kind of like teabagging but then he stops to tickle him with with his shit crusted gooch hairs
Adam- "im so hungry i could go for a gooch butter sandwich with extra gooch gravy"
Adam 2- sounds amazing im so down ill buy
by hondaman230 November 05, 2009

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