A dumb shit that doesnt know how to get over people. someone who doesnt know when it is time to let go.
Stupid adam keeps telling me how he loves me. But i broke up with him a while ago.
by Gilligan McFee February 01, 2011
a flavourful explosion when you suck a huge dick.
Jemima: I sucked ronnies cock and he splooged an adam!
Ronnie: Do you realize your talking to me!?!?
by Adz Babay April 30, 2009
One resembling a beaver. One who builds dams and chops on wood. A beaver
That dude looks like an Adam.
by shoehornoplenty December 02, 2010
Adam is a guy who i can stalk if i wanted to and got in trouble for walking with him at night.
Hes a cool guy and epicly awesome because he knows what an MMORPG is. :)
there arnt really any words to descibe him. so i guess you could say that hes just absolutly amazing in his own way.
You could also say that he likes to put mayonaise in milk and eat it with pork.

All in all. he is an awesomely awesome guy with cool hair. :)

yea you cant really give adam an example cause there is no one out there like him XD

by Epicfailurexx September 14, 2009
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