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likes anal sex with apes.
adam pierce
by rachellovesadamNOT December 08, 2008
The name I use on urban dictionary as my other personality/ persona. My name is adam in the urban dictionary chat. My real name is Vitale and i'm an overweight 26 year old who tricks girls on urban dictionary chat with a fake picture of an abercrombie male model who i wished i was. I'm really on welfare and stalk people. I go by Adam.
Hi, this is Adam. Nice to meet you.
by Mr. Vitale. June 10, 2008
stupid dipshit who thinks hes cool, but sucks at everything, dirtbiking, driving, living. usually seen with a cane in his ear, representing a monkey.

They also think they are white but are really half nigger.
#1 "your such an adam."

by sirhc sirrom August 23, 2008
Someone who never stops eating apples. OR Someone who eats, and chews apples loudly, open mouthed, and doesn't notice how much someone hates him for it.
Dude, stop being an Adam, I can hear you chewing your apple from over here.
by C.S.W.T.L S.W.A.T November 21, 2007
a short geeky, wimpy, boy, (often gay) especially one with speech problems. usually obsessed with geeky things such as star wars and writing gay books. constantly makes an ass of himself and initiates fights for no reason, often annoying other people he doesn'k know in the process
Adam: OMG look its that guy that played Luke Skywalker!


Adam: OMFG I can't believe how obnoctious you think I am... go to hell *five minutes later to a random person* that guys an ass... go kick his ass for me.. I'm scared to.
by tayjudithxoxo April 11, 2008
a very very smelly person that got greasy hair and baths in a chip pan also melesters adam malesters dogsdogs and sleeps with men also has a ton of sexual desises that were caught off a evil evil person also a person that likes to use the term 'il knife you' with a very serous funny looking face
you are sucha adam young chap hahahhahahahha
by lol'ing November 10, 2008
A prepubescent-sounding male who works at Mcdonald's for a living stealing various plastic utensils from his corporation. Tries to make his voice deeper to gain attention of fellow women, but fails miserably.
oh Hoy Hoy Hoy Hoy Hoy is how Adam's laughter goes.
by Mista desperashun December 06, 2007