a fat shit
holy shit that guy is an adam!!!!
by mitchhh May 27, 2009
a boy who I like very much but is after someone not even that cool.

let's not talk anymore, adam.
by surfergrl11 March 26, 2007
the guy that thinks nurels the shit
adam is a beast
by adamattackkk February 06, 2009
wow he's a ginger he must be an adam
by ayyrayray July 26, 2008
Grade A douche bag with a little dick who loves to take it in the ass all night long.
Hi, my name is Adam Killian and I'm a flaming homosexual!
by sssamnaylor November 24, 2008
A boy who has a lisp and loves Rise Against. Sometimes is called a weenie because of his tall and slender body. Plays violin, and always wears stupid scarves.
That kid looks like a total weenie!
Yeah, he's an Adam.
by 12-1-21-18-5-14 April 26, 2009
he thinks hes awesome but the word awesome means Scared, Skinny, and Lonely
jared: "why does he hate you?"
Adam: "cause im awersome"
jared: "by awesome you mean scared, skinny, and lonely"
by Dijonator schifty-five July 28, 2008

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