Adam: a term used for sucking dick. An adam is generally a male. usually a drag. he's very rude and ignorant.

half the things he has he doesnt deserve. his mood swings are like the weather. hes like a miserable old man, never happy. he gives newfies a bad name.
uses his dick and not his head. an over all achievement of... nothing. Adam's never know when to shut the fuck up. Also he would rather shove his dick into shit then be happy.
person one: thats one ugly son of a bitch. hes rude too.
person too: thats just an adam
person one: is he sucking that guys dick :O
person two: ahhhh yuuup
by karma's a bitch August 24, 2009
the gayest individual to ever wear skinny jeans and blue pants.
Talkin about faggots, look at Adam.
by evanhassmallballs March 20, 2009
a fat shit
holy shit that guy is an adam!!!!
by mitchhh May 27, 2009
a boy who I like very much but is after someone not even that cool.

let's not talk anymore, adam.
by surfergrl11 March 26, 2007
the guy that thinks nurels the shit
adam is a beast
by adamattackkk February 06, 2009
wow he's a ginger he must be an adam
by ayyrayray July 26, 2008
Grade A douche bag with a little dick who loves to take it in the ass all night long.
Hi, my name is Adam Killian and I'm a flaming homosexual!
by sssamnaylor November 24, 2008

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