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1) A scottish version of saying 'oh' instead they say 'ach noh'
2) A very lethal weapon that is quite blunt to increase the pain when a spleenach operation is performed
Ach noh i've lost me kilt

Dr Smith, pass me that ach
by Correspondingly November 07, 2004
Ach! - exclaiming a point of disgust or disapointment.
Originated from the highlands of the Gingerland, sorry, I meant Scotland, ach!
ACH! Ach! Aaaaaaaaaaaach! Aa... aa... aaaaach! Ach! that caught my spudz!
Ach, mi'laddy
by Buck March 14, 2005
brother homey Hebrew or Arabic word meaning brother
From "Head of State" Chris Rock's Movie
"Come on Ach, buy some of these porkchops."
by AZ March 04, 2005
Barack Hussein Obama

Ach is the dictionary pronunciation of the letter "H" which refers to Obama similarly to how Dubya (or W) is used to refer to former president George Walker Bush.
Pete: Ach peddled his 3.6 Trillion dollar budget on TV last night again. That's trillion with a "T".

John: Ya I saw that. Grab your ankles and get ready to scream.

Jack: Really? I didn't know you two watched anything more complicated than American Idol. And pass me my fattie back.
by Ur Daddie May 04, 2009
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