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1) A scottish version of saying 'oh' instead they say 'ach noh'
2) A very lethal weapon that is quite blunt to increase the pain when a spleenach operation is performed
Ach noh i've lost me kilt

Dr Smith, pass me that ach
by Correspondingly November 07, 2004
an ancient ritual of spleen removal through the naval using a special instrument known as an ach
the ancient greeks used it as a mating ritual....'ohh zeus let me perform that spleenach on you...you'll cum all night'
by Correspondingly November 01, 2004
This is a drink that contains knob cheese, pee and coke

Cock for short
Who wants some cocka-cola???
by Correspondingly November 11, 2004
Testicles that are smothered in faeces a ritual carried out by native americans.
Ah crap balls.

mmmmmmmm.....tastes like crap balls
by Correspondingly November 10, 2004
derived from the latin word spleenach commonly known as an insult on the same level as tosser
that guys such a fimpitragerchoo!!!

Your a bloody fimpitragerchoo!!!!
by Correspondingly October 31, 2004
possibly one of the most sluttish women in the pop world plus she sounds exactly like her equally sluttish sister dani.
oooooooh kylie's gay
by Correspondingly November 11, 2004
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