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abbreviation for over-doing
when the bio teacher gives too much homework and announces a quiz next class:
"man, that's OD"
by az October 18, 2003
In satisfactory condition; very good; all right.
Also the title of David Bowie's 1971 album, which contained classic Bowie songs such as "Changes", "Life on Mars?" and "Andy Warhol".
I checked the situation; everything is hunky dory, we have nothing to worry about.
by AZ August 27, 2003
An annoying person, particularly a small one you can't call a worse name
Your little sis is a buttmunch
by Az December 14, 2002
A fanny hole that has seen so many cocks that the insides hang out. Not a pretty site!
I slept with Kevin Ryans mrs last night, she had a Badly Wrapped Kebab the dirty slag.
by Az November 22, 2003
another name for a muslim
i saw that landya eat pork
by az July 27, 2004
a rasberry sound blow on someone's belly or face
by Az December 14, 2002
a phrase to say that "us" are in trouble

originated from "Zero Wing" Jap game

see also all your base
1: All your base are belong to us. Make your time. etc etc...
2: Somebody set us up the bomb
by Az November 10, 2003

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