1. noun. someone who is better than everyone else
2. verb. to do very well
3. noun. a name for the two coolest human beings on the earth (olivia and kelsey)
4. adj. describing how cool one is
1. oh gosh, you are such an ace!
2. i just aced something or other..
3. wow look at those aces!
4. olivia and kelsey are so ace
by olivia d April 24, 2006
A one dollar bill.

Let me hold a ace, nigga.
by Jahn February 16, 2006
something that is very awesome and worth getting very excited about. sounds very un-ace when said by americans.
sounds ace!
the shows gonna be ace!
by holyroman April 18, 2005
a lil sack of weed that you pay for or can get for free from a buddy cause it really aint that much
i'll get u an ace for 10$ ma nigga
by shiZzle February 05, 2005
chill, cool, awesome, total phatty
This boil on my ass is fucking ace
by heh March 24, 2003
Conqueror and overlord of the gaming world. Also known to be used as a nickname by certain gamers.
" Wow! A true gaming Ace!"
" Whoa, look out, it's the Ace!"
by ANNONYMOUS March 20, 2003
An ace is an individual who displays homosexual qualities. It is derived from the synonym of "gay" known as "tool". Since tools are sold at Ace Hardware, and ace can be used as someone who is considered a tool.
Wow, that dude is wearing ugg slippers and a v-neck. What an ace.
by Yung_Chedder November 02, 2010

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