An Ace is a girl who could be a 1 or an 11 on the hot scale. Like when you only see the back of a girl and she has a nice body, shes an 11, but right when she turns around, she has a God awful face and turns into a 1. Just like the Ace can be a 11 or a 1 in Blackjack
Damn dude that girl is an ace! look at that ass!" *girl turns around* "Oh gross! what is that on her face?! she totally is an ace!
by Rikkerry25 September 16, 2010
Contraction of Ass Face. Covert way of calling someone ugly without it sounding like an insult.
"Check out that ace over there. Looks like his neck threw up"
by Wordsworth Bottomtooth III March 13, 2010
1. Douchebag,

2. Contents of said douchebag
3. Stalker
4. Manchild who lives off his mother
5. A person who has imaginary relationships, usually with webcam girls
6. Loser
Webcam Girl 1: Oh god, there is Ace again
Webcam Girl 2: He doesn't have a job anymore, why is he Acing me?
Webcam Girl 1: Because he is an Ace.

Female who said Hello to him in passing: I have to go get a restraining order against Ace because he is Acing me.

Old lady with Acebag: I have to get a new Acebag. I have had this Acebag forever. All the Ace keeps leaking out of it.
by iWEBCAM4MONEY February 05, 2010
to talk to a boy or girl that one is seeking a reltionship with. Ace is more serious than flirt but less serious than being in a relationship.
-""Is that your boyfriend?"
-"Nah, we ace but that's it."
-"Well acing is cool. Y'all will be together soon."
-"I hope so."
by Chuck Beezy June 07, 2009
the perfect male child/one who is prosperous & wears nice sweaters... then shows his parents.
his father then comes up with this lovely nickname.
son (came home from college to visit his parents): "hey, dad!"
dad: "hey, buddy! i sure missed ya, ace. how's law school treating you? are the professors being nice?..."
by they call her kara. May 21, 2009
jacking off 5 times in a day. this can cascade to such things like 'double ace' etc
having a day in the dorm by himself, tom successfully pulled off the elusive tipple ace.
by noochems January 11, 2009
Term for someone who is cocky, brazen, feels that any woman can be his, hooks up with any girl no matter the age difference and has a fighter pilot background. Often, one cannot determine what an Ace is saying
Dude, you think you can hook up with that 40 year old model? Stop being such an Ace!
by Alan F October 17, 2006

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