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what youtube has been reduced to, attention whores seeking attention by stating the title of the video and putting "thumbs up if" in front of it. Its pathetic, that they do this, but even more pathetic are the people that actually thumbs them up.

Begging for thumbs up is disgusting and pathetic, it shows that you dont have your own opinion and are only commenting to get attention
(on a jason kidd pass highlight video)
"thumbs up if that was a good pass"
(on an eminem music video)
"thumbs up if this is a good song"

me: "gtfo thumbs up whore"
by abcbob123 October 25, 2011
The beginning to most YouTube comments.
Bad people:
Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2011!
Thumbs up if bad thing here!
Good people:
Thumbs up because I asked for them.
by Mr.Musec September 30, 2011