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A hartless bloodsucking skateboard company that eats small local shops in its all encompasing jaws. Even still ccs brand jeans are cheep and awsome.
Dude Ill never shop at my local shop again. I just bought a complete from CCS
by dolbert June 21, 2007
a total anomaly of a store. They sell clothing that looks and feels used for more than the same thing brand new. There advertising is all people not wearing any close at all. There sucsses as a company seems to be only existing upon the fact that some kids are to dumb to even notice that they are paying extra for close that look like they were pulled off a homeless person.
That person looks like he just rolled down a hill.

No he is just wearing this years abercrombie clothes
by dolbert June 21, 2007
The croach of your scrotum, located directly bellow the peins where it folds over onto the scrotum.
My scroach sweats like sweating is going out of style.
by dolbert June 21, 2007

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