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4 definitions by huggaboo

a girl with brown hair. Thats all it means!!!!!! Everyone who thinks brunettes are better or blondes are hotter needs to get a life. I'm brunette, u don't see me going "like Im so much smarter than that skanky blonde ho over there!"
a brunette is a girl that has brown hair.
by huggaboo May 13, 2005
296 120
a cool gaming company. Everyone loves all the fanboy shit games with blood and violence and "wicked" graphics, but really nintendo is a better gaming company. They feature really cool systems and are really creative in designing games-who woulda thought of super mario bros. and all those coool little guys in a wierd world called nintendoland? I mean, c'mon its cool!
Nintendo is fun and not scary
by huggaboo May 16, 2005
27 9
a store most suburban bred girls go to buy their wardrobe. specializes in wayyy overpriced, tiny, tightfitting clothes that sport sexual sayings. They sell a lot of ripped jeans and vintage worn out tees that cost about $30. If u really want a truly vinatge tee or old jeans go to some thrift sore where you can get some for about $5-$10. Most people who wear abercrombie try to be cool, but in reality those people are insecure bitches that think they are really hot.
Bitch: hey like lets stop in abercrombie where I can get an ultra-coolio vintage tee on sale for $30!!!

Regular person: no thanks- you can go but I'm gonna stop at haagen-daas.
by huggaboo May 26, 2005
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the worst fucking school in montgomery county! to crowded and suck ass teachers!!! everyone who goes there is either a slut bitch, jock, or all-around asssssholllle. PYLE SUCKS!!!!!! DO'NT GO THERE!!!! IT'S FILLED WITH RICH,WHITE POSERS AND UGLY SLUTTY BITCHES!!!!!!
I left pyle cuz it sucked ass.
by huggaboo May 05, 2005
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