A Collection of cut-off pube hairs.
When a man shaves his pubes off and puts them in a pile. That is called an Abe.
OMG Look at that pile of Abe.
by NoNotEric November 02, 2009
To profess one's desire to do something, but then to never follow through.
"I think he was going to come to DC this weekend..."

"But then he abe'd?"

"Yep. He totally abe'd"
by Nick and Roger March 27, 2009
derived from the name Abraham Lincoln.
which rhymes with the work stinking.

so Abraham shortened gives us, Abe.

so Abe means stinking, smelly, shite, vulgar, foul, awful, ridiculous.

synonyms include aben, abest, aber.

"her jacket is the abest thing i've ever seen."

"your face is abe, hoe."
by AbeCaptain December 27, 2009
used to describe a sarcastic remark; used to notify your remark as not to be taken seriously.
Oh boy do I love meatloaf... ABE!!!

girl 1: hey, do you want to go to breakfast looking grungy?
girl 2: thats sounds super!
girl 1 and 2: ABE!!!!!
by habamttons January 27, 2007
A Baby Eater. ABE -- abe.
That guy's a total Abe! He's gonna go to jail for that king-o-poo, yo.
by l, b December 19, 2006
When you, or someone else has been assassinated in a video game, most commonly found in halo or halo 2.
That blue dude just Abe'd the red teams sniper.
by vgfbdkfdjkbdfbgfb February 14, 2006
1) A complete tool
2) A gay couple
1) Look at that abe over there.
2) Ew i hate abes!
by dangerflamablesubstance March 02, 2009

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