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3 definitions by DresdenDoll

In the wild, this gangster often relies on sugar free substances and tattoos to survive long enough to mate and continue the never ending mystery of life. Like the zebra or gazelle, this gangster has equipped himself with an insulin pump so that if a predator were to afflicted him with dangerous elements such as sugar cookies and non-diet soda, the Sugar Free gangster lives on to survive in the wild.
Sugar Free is the ultimate gangster upon all gangsters.
by DresdenDoll December 29, 2009
The role you play in the PS game "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee".
Abe is the best darn floor-waxer in RuptureFarms also just happens to be the millennial Hero selected by fate to rescue his fellow Mudokons from slavery
by DresdenDoll May 24, 2009
Abe's pet in the PS game, "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee".
Abe's "pet" Elum is cranky, stubborn, selfish, and smells like a burst sewer pipe, and those are his good points.
by DresdenDoll May 24, 2009