a person who has a beard (usually from beardvember) that makes him look like abe lincoln
it's only november fourth and conor is already an abe
by jbaza March 05, 2009
The coolest kid you'll ever meet. He is amazing at baseball, handsome, awesome to be around, funny, amazing, awesome, and wonderful. He is super athletic and never gives up. He is a genius and a good looking one to. Abe is the awesomest person who ever lived.
Oh my god, your such an Abe, I wish I was like you.
by Baseball boy December 18, 2013
Arsehole of the British Empire
Arsehole equivalent of MBE, member of the British Empire
James Blunt should be awarded a A.B.E
by Kinpower April 07, 2010
A guy who is very buff and very popular. Has red cheeks.
Dude he is such an abe.
by Man-o- war April 16, 2015
When you get a big erection and nothing will make it go away
you also get itchy balls
boy:ive got a big erection
boy 2: you cant get rid of that its an abe
by Hoboy February 24, 2014
A.B.E. stands for "All but engaged" and refers to a couple who have been together seriously for a long time, and are expected to marry but have not officially announced engagement.

Similar to the A.B.D., "All but dissertation."

May be loosely substituted with the acronym, A.B.M., all but married.
Eunice and Thad are A.B.E.; they've been dating for over a year now and have talked about marriage. She's just waiting for him to pop the question.
by Gypsyseoul January 19, 2010
1.) Tall, notoriously strong, grumpy individual in a position overseeing the grunt work and maintenance work at an institution. think giant grumpy oger who can fix things by getting pissed and hitting them (like the fonz). he is the one in your office/job that has worked like 20 other jobs, and who has seen every problem before, and has an "I'm over it" attitude to any new problems because they're boring. every job has one.

2.) a vital, resentful, grumpy, dirty, element which keeps an entire operation running with pure will and grunt. remove this rusty iron pin it and it is likely the whole shiny brass machine will fly apart or explode.
"who is the Abe around here?"

person 1: "something (anything) is broken"
person 2: "call the abe"


"Who is going to become the new abe around here? "


"our shop just lost its abe"
by thehandsomeone November 28, 2010

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