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Short for 'Abortion Bitch', which refers to a fat, unsightly woman who hangs around like a bad smell. Origins of the phrase can be traced back to Chester England in the early Noughties.
'Hey do you wanna go round to Abe's house and hang out?'

'Let's write a song about Abe'
by Nick Dangerous July 07, 2011
20 10
The role you play in the PS game "Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee".
Abe is the best darn floor-waxer in RuptureFarms also just happens to be the millennial Hero selected by fate to rescue his fellow Mudokons from slavery
by DresdenDoll May 24, 2009
43 33
An extremely unattractive snaggletoothed virgin female with full-on Abe Lincoln facial hair (stache, beard, sideburns)
OMG did you see that chick?? She is totally an Abe!
by Sweet_Melissa December 09, 2010
18 11
Abe is short for Abraham Lincoln. It is used to refer to nickle bags of marijuana. It is used to appear inconspicuous/innocent.
"Wheres Abe at?"

Translation: Where can I find $5 worth of weed to purchase.
by Mr Moosey June 02, 2011
12 7
Nick name of Abraham Lincoln. Therefore anyone whom is deemed the name is a bad ass and probably has a large penis. Usually very sexy and mysteriously interesting. Sometimes belongs to a home schooler.
I'm gonna give Abe massive ABE (a big erection) tonight.
by BigboyABE April 18, 2013
2 0
Awkward But Entertaining (ABE) - when someone or something is simultaneously extremely awkward and embarrassingly entertaining.
Customer - "I'm looking to buy a bottle of your nougaretto"
Salesman - "Careful, that's an aphrodisiac" *winks*
Customer - "It's actually for my mum"
Salesman - "Well I'm sure she'll have a great time"
Customer - *goes red* "well this is awkward!"
Salesman - "i'll wrap it in some fishnet stockings for you"
Customer - "oh god"
Customer's girlfriend - *laughing* "this is so frikin ABE!"

Boyfriend and girlfriend painting a wall

Boyfriend - "it's funny how our painting styles reflect our personalities"
Girlfriend - "how so?"
Boyfriend - "well you like to make small and accurate strokes, you're a perfectionist"
Girlfriend - "ok, so what about you?"
Boyfriend - "I like to just lather it on thick, and wait for you to clean it up"
Girlfriend - "oh my, how ABE!" *puts palm to head like a damsel in distress*
*porno ensues....*
by TiggyToms December 24, 2013
2 1
Arsehole of the British Empire
Arsehole equivalent of MBE, member of the British Empire
James Blunt should be awarded a A.B.E
by Kinpower April 07, 2010
1 0