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An unfortunate and unnecessary accident, often caused by careless actions from an individual with poor judgment.
The car ajoeyed off the road because the driver sped up in a futile attempt to pass the 18 wheeler.
by spaudingrun January 10, 2011
"Joey" means 'cripple' and derives from the famous children's program, Blue Peter.

Blue Peter presentersinvited spina-bifida sufferer, Joey Deacon, onto the show so he could talk about life with this debilitating condition.
"can I play football with you?"

"get away from me you joey"
by dan November 26, 2004
a person that will do anything for someone
'oh he picked up my pencil, carried my books and gave me a glue stick' 'what a joey'
by shazaaoxoxo February 11, 2012
A joey is usually the name one stoned person gives to another stoned person as they start to do everything they tell em to, everything!
Stoner A: Go chippy and get me a pie
Stoner B: OK
Stoner A: Haha, Joey
by Xa3r0 January 15, 2005
A guy who you meet and instantly forget as he didn't make much of an impression and is therefore rather forgettable
Mate you've met him loads of times! Really? I don't remember he must of been a bit of a Joey.
by Pozzyp September 13, 2014
if you do "a joey" it means to get out your penis out regularly, attempting to entertain other people. Most commonly done on webcam.
f*cking hell kemp did a joey last night!
by Broomy October 31, 2006
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