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Slang term for Blue Meth. Mainly used in England.
Steve: "You're smoking weed?"
Bob: "Chill out man, its not blue peter!"
by That one English guy... September 10, 2013
Something you made earlier, usually refers to a spliff or reefer, where you have made one at some other time and are now ready to smoke it.
Can also refer to cookery.
Ah look, I've found a blue peter, what a top do. It's ok I've made a blue peter.
by jill harrison November 02, 2006
A childrens TV programme made by the BBC ever since the dawn of time (apparantly). Still runs even though the presenting is shit. The famous garden was apparantly trashed by Les Ferdinand, ex-footballer and spurs scum.
Man, you so black i cant see you! Just like no-one could see les ferdinand at night when he trashed the BP garden!
by Crazy Joe July 08, 2004
When a man has had so much sex, his penis will not become erect anymore. This is referred to as having a "Blue Peter".
Peter is a nickname for the male member, and blue is used to mean dead or tired.
"I fucked that girl so hard I got a Blue Peter!!"

"Hey let's have sex again!"
"Can't! I have a Blue Peter!"
by Biblo February 15, 2005
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