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2 definitions by Broomy

An affectionate drunk who continues to seek intoxication not realizing that the festival is over. Festival Dude-bro is capable of little coherent speech, other than the often used and fully interchangeable terms , "Dude" and "Bro".
Festival Dude-bro, staggering into campsite, "Dude, lees part-y! Dude, Got any beerrrzz bro?"
Concerned Festivaler, "Dude-bro, I think you need to sit down before you fall down and drink some water."
by Broomy April 15, 2007
if you do "a joey" it means to get out your penis out regularly, attempting to entertain other people. Most commonly done on webcam.
f*cking hell kemp did a joey last night!
by Broomy October 31, 2006